We do our very best to offer a family-friendly environment and welcome children on this retreat.    There are a few things to remember, however.

•  A parent or guardian must accompany the child.

• During times of meditation, yoga and other ‘adult’ activities, age appropriate activities will be available for the kids.    24-7 childcare is not available, however.

•  Bringing your child on a yoga retreat can be a very rewarding experience, but it will be far less ‘you’ focused and more ‘family’ focused.  Be sure to think carefully about the retreat you need and want before inviting your children.

•  The hot spring is clothing optional and involves a rather long hike.  In the past, children have loved the hot spring experience, but please consider the appropriateness of this excursion for your child.  Also know that you may be carrying them up a very steep hill.

• Know your child—  like adults, every child is unique.  Just as this retreat is not a good fit for every adult, it won’t be a good fit for every child.  Be sure this is something your child will find growth-filled and enjoyable.

•  The desert is fun and challenging for children.  There are lots of opportunities to explore and grow, but there are also many opportunities to get injured.  PARENTS MUST BE 100% RESPONSIBLE  for the safety and well-being of their child.