The Journey is the Destination. . .

By Air
Getting to Joshua Tree is half the adventure. Depending on your time and your budget there are several options. The fastest way to get there from areas outside of Southern California is to fly into Ontario Airport.

We will help arrange airport carpooling. If you decide to fly, you will need to book a flight that arrives into Ontario no later than 11:00 AM on Wednesday. Your departing flight should not leave any earlier than 5:00 PM on Sunday night.

On our journey back to the airport we stop along the way for showers and (traffic permitting) we also stop for an early dinner near the airport.


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By Land

Many people prefer to drive which can be more economical and scenic. We will send you detailed directions and a map and we will help arrange carpooling to reduce costs and the effects on the environment.

We will even include directions for a secret back way to Joshua Tree that will take you through the heart of Mojave Desert if you are feeling adventuresome.